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Results of SSU Array Trials

The "universal" probe (UNIV 338) hits on every sample - this is expected so long as we are capturing organisms and processing the samples as desired. The "pennate diatom" (P diatom) and species-specific barnacle (B915) probes never react, indicating that the ESP did not encounter waters with enough of those organisms to elicit a positive response. However, the generic barnacle probe (Barn 1066) hits on the last sample.  That last reaction coincides with a low tide, warm water and low chlorophyll concentration as recorded onboard the ESP. Did that water mass and the organisms that came with it come from the Slough??



Where did that barnacle hit come from?  According to the Ryan surveys, a 3-D look at the the salinity plume that was moving in on ESP (pink dot/yellow triangle) from offshore on October 9 suggests it is not from the Slough, but rather from 'offshore'!


It appears that the ESP mooring (+) was in warm waters of near coastal origin, but the precise origin of that water mass is not clear. M1(O) was in the relatively warm plume that seems to be anchored offshore and moving into the bay like the low salinity plume, so perhaps the ADCP data will be useful for sorting this out.

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Last updated: Feb. 04, 2009