Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
2nd Generation Environmental Sample Processor (ESP)
Field Experiments

HAB 2007

In situ detection of a variety of harmful algae using ESP DNA probe arrays. The ESP was moored in Monterey Bay, May 17-June 11, 2007. Top five graphs show physical and chemical data collected by contextual sensors. The bottom images show the developed arrays; colored boxes indicate the different algal species/groups detected.  Sample volume is shown underneath the array. The arrays shown are ~15mm x 15mm. The series shows a transition from a phytoplankton community on May 15 that included Alexandriun catenella (~200 cells/L) and Heterosigma akashiwo (~20,000 cells/L) and a trace of members of the Pseudo-nitzschia multiseries/pseudodelicatissima complex, to one on June 4 where the former two species are diminished and P. multiseries/pseudodelicatissima are clearly present (~20,000 cells/L).  During this same deployment, assays targeting groups of marine bacteria and invertebrates were also run (e.g., see  From Greenfield et al. Limnology and Oceanography: Methods (in review)

Last updated: Feb. 04, 2009