Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Environmental Sample Processor (ESP)
People and contacts

The ESP Team

Instrumentation Engineering

  • Scott Jensen
  • Eugene Massion
  • Doug Pargett
  • Brent Roman
  • Jim Birch
  • Cheri Everlove
  • Adeline Harris

group at tank

Members of the team putting the 2G ESP through trials in the test tank.

Engineering Technicians & Machinists

  • Mark Brown
  • Mike Parker
  • Jose Rosal

Marine Operations

  • R/V Zephyr, crew and divers


Zephyr crew

Working with the R/V Zephyr crew on a deployment.

Research & Science

  • Roman Marin III
  • Christina Preston
  • Chris Scholin
  • Bob Vrijenhoek
  • Julio Harvey
  • Annette Gough

ESP crew

Chris Preston, Roman Marin, and Chris Scholin with the first generation ESP after a successful deployment.


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California Institute of Technology
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  • Chris Scholin: scholin at mbari dot org
Last updated: Dec. 22, 2009