Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute
Environmental Sample Processor (ESP)

The LLNL module is a 4-color, real-time flow-through PCR device.  A CDR was held at LLNL last May, and a final design for the production modules was completed.  The first production unit has been fabricated, assembled, and checked out electronically.  The next step is to test it thermally and optically, including running PCR reactions.  The LLNL team has parts in hand for the four production modules for MBARI, but they are waiting on assembly until testing of the first module is completed.  The same group has submitted a record of invention to the LLNL intellectual property office for the electronics design, mechanical design, and software of the PCR module.

Some of the major components of the prototype ESP flow-though PCR module developed at LLNL (as shown Feb 07).  Bottom left to right: heater module, U.S. quarter for scale, analog board, digital board.  Top: enclosure.


Last updated: Feb. 04, 2009